Water Heater Repair

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Is it worth repairing a water heater?

If it’s a typical storage-tank water heater that has reached the end of its 10 to 13-year lifespan, replacing it is simple: Newer units are up to 20% more efficient and can save hundreds of dollars in energy costs over the life of the device. If your water heater is only a few years old, repair may be an affordable option.

Common Water Heater Repairs

There are several repairs that can be made to a water heater. The most common include:

  • a faulty temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve.
  • improper water pressure.
  • overheating.
  • a stuck valve.
  • a leak from nearby plumbing connection.
  • loose heating element bolts.
  • a bad gasket.
  • a leaking water tank.
  • a bad thermostat

Water Heater Repair: Thermostat Problems

A thermostat problem is one of the most common complaints related to water heater repairs. Although the name might lead you to believe that the device simply controls your water’s temperature, it actually works in tandem with the pilot light to regulate the pressure. If this system fails, you’ll likely notice extremely high water pressure or no hot water production at all.

Pilot Light

If you notice problems with the pilot light, it’s probably best to call a service company for your water heater repair.

If the pilot light is having problems, ensure that there aren’t any obstructions in the device–including corrosion and dirt buildup–that could be causing issues with ignition.

If the flames are uneven or not appearing at all, there may be a dirty orifice, which can be cleaned.

Automatic water heater

    Water Heater Repair: Electric Water Heater Not Working

    There could be burned-out or damaged wiring. If you suspect that your wiring might be faulty, check for loose connections between the terminals and the coils on top of your tank. If these connections appear to be in good shape, you may need to call a service company for your water heater repair.

    The grounding electrode system is not working. If this device is malfunctioning, your heating element won’t function properly and you’ll likely see no signs of hot water production at all or sporadic responses from the thermostat.

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