Main Line Video Inspection

This is a process where you call in a plumbing company or a specialist to run a video line through your waste pipes. This service is used before any repairs are made or if there is a blockage. It can detect problems with your waste pipes that you cannot see with the naked eye.

A special high definition camera is fed through the pipes while transmitting video footage to the technician in real time.

The camera settles at the bottom of the line and slowly works its way through the system. It captures video footage of the entirety of your plumbing system, both inside the home and in between each section of piping leading to the main sewer line or septic tank.

Vintage camera on solid blue background
Vintage camera on solid orange background

The technician will pause occasionally to take still shots at problem areas. Sometimes he can solve a blockage or broken pipe while inspecting it live with the camera.

You can also get a copy of this video footage for future repairs or to see what work has been done previously in your home.

This inspection is highly suggested when you are selling your home so any problems with your plumbing system are made aware before they become major issues that may require costly repairs later on.

This service is also very useful if you are starting construction on your home. You can see all the piping in your walls, under your floors and under the ground so that you will know exactly where to direct new lines leading to appliances like sinks, dishwashers or toilets.

Your plumber will give you a detailed report of their findings after the sewer line video inspection is complete. They may recommend some repairs or other options to fix any potential problems. If there were no issues found, then you can rest assured knowing that everything is working properly.

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